Saving Grace Hollywood

Seventh-day Adventist Church
2nd Chance Revival DVD Set
In July 2013, we eagerly awaited with expectation and preparation for how God was going to move in us and our church in 2013. The 2nd Chance Revival was a powerful experience for an incredible 2 week of bold preaching and amazing worship. Some gave their lives to Christ, and took their first step of obedience through baptism.

Online, the 2nd chance Revival was viewed over 1,000 times in 95 countries on six continents. Now, you can have an archive of the 2nd Chance Revival of your very own. This is a 9 DVD set that include sermons from each night presenthed by Pastor Moses Brown. The sermons that are include: What Love Got To Do With It, A Day You Will Never Forget, You Can Run But You Can't Hide, What Happens When I Die How to Get A New Start, The Anointed One, Six Won't Do It, God's Indestructible Sign Temporary Inconvenience
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